Monday, November 28, 2005

stevie wonder - a time 2 love

The story of how blind Steveland Judkins became Steveland Morris and grew up to be Stevie Wonder is musical… well, history - as they say. The above is one page in a profile of the singer, published in the Weekend magazine section of The Guardian (UK) of November 26, 2005. A cover story, it spreads across 8 pages of the magazine and looks at the singer’s life and career, which now spans five decades. It includes an interview with Wonder about his first album in 10 years - A Time 2 Love. There are also snippets from his recent concert in the UK - at Abbey Road. Stevie Wonder was supposed to play for an hour, but he just went on and on - for over three hours! They don’t make them like that anymore…

Stevie Wonder’s Abbey Road concert will be broadcast on Radio 2 (UK) on December 10.


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