Friday, February 10, 2006

commonwealth writers' award

The Commonwealth Writers' Prize Best Book Award (Africa Region) has been awarded to The Sun by Night, a novel by Benjamin Kwakwe. The Sun by Night (Africa World Press) centres on the death of a prostitute in Accra and is described as " a well-structured tale of human weakness and strength with the attendant intrigues and political chicanery as well as the palpable social conflicts of a post-colonial society."

The Best First Book Award (Africa Region) went to Ugandan Doreen Baingana for her short story collection, Tropical Fish: Tales from Entebbe ( University of Massachusetts).

Doreen Baingana

Kwakwe and Baingana win 1000 Pounds cash prize each. In the Euroasia Region, Zadie Smith won the Best Book Award for her novel, On Beauty. The three, and other regional winners from Canada & the Caribbean, South East Asia & the Pacific - all qualify to enter the final stage of the 20th Commonwealth Writers’ Prize, the international award for outstanding fiction, to be announced 14th March 2006. The overall winner gets 10,000 Pounds.


Anonymous onyeka nwelue said...

Congrats to Ghana and Uganda.

Also praises to Uzodinma and Helen for those 'youthful' outing. They make Nigeria proud in general and soon they will find themselves blaring with smiles.

No matter what, Helen's work is cool and warm.

10:04 am, February 13, 2006  

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