Monday, July 24, 2006

achebe colloquium

Press Release

Achebe Colloquium
In Celebration of Nigerian Excellence

July 14th, 2006
After nearly 18 months, the Chinua Achebe Foundation is about to conclude its ambitious Interview project of conversations with Nigeria’s elder statesmen and women. The final interviews will be published shortly and the entire project will be concluded with an elaborate conversation with Professor Chinua Achebe. This month, the Foundation will turn to a generation of future leaders within Nigeria and the Diaspora, whose life and work offer the hope of solutions to thegrave issues raised by our elders.

In a 5 part series of rigorous intellectual discussions with renowned experts, The Achebe Colloquium will showcase profiles and roundtable discussions of world-class professionals in myriad fields, bringing to the fore levels of excellence and achievement in the younger generation that most Nigerians are not even aware of.

The first Colloquium – Science and Medicine - will be serialized in several media next week. The entire project will be conducted in a manner accessible to the majority of Nigerians and other interested persons around the globe.

We invite our brilliant youth to join us as we ponder our collective future together.

Chinua Achebe Foundation Media Office


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