Wednesday, December 21, 2005

camwood on the leaves - a play

Wole Soyinka’s Camwood on the Leaves
The Stage Play
Erinjobi and Ishola… Father and Son… The meeting ofthe irresistible force and the immoveable object.
Professor Wole Soyinka’s Camwood on the Leaves is the thought-provoking story of two families in a small town and the resulting incidents that bring them in conflict with one another. Camwood, explores the mind-sets of the old and the young, the dogmatic versus the “unbeliever”, and the chaos that sometimes, is the result of inflexibility between these parties.
The play, produced by Jasonvision and directed by Wole Oguntokun will be performed live on stage
Date: Friday the 30th of December 2005 at 4pm and 6.30pm.
Venue: Agip Recital Hall of the Muson Centre,Onikan, Lagos.
Tickets: N2000 each / N1000 for Students (with Identity Cards).
This drama, first performed in 1960, is part III of the Legend Series, in which evergreen plays written by some of Nigeria’s best are showcased at one of the most important Arts venues in the country.
Past Productions include: Once upon Four Robbers (October 2004) and The Trials of Brother Jero (July 2005) were Parts I and II of the Series.
This performance of Camwood on the Leaves is supported by Legacy Realties Ltd.
*For enquiries and Ticket Delivery at no extra cost, please call 0802 301 3778, 01-813 6229


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