Thursday, December 29, 2005

mariah off her rocker?

Isn't this a sight to make you go: yuck? This photo of Mariah Carey was published in a column in the UK Guardian of Saturday December 17. "Good God. Even Nero held his own cup," the columnist commented. I looked and looked at this photo, and the more I looked, the more it disgusted me. That someone can be so famous, rich and so off-her-marbles as to require someone else to hold her own cup & straw - in public! And for her to think it's cool to do so. What more does one need, to convince us of how out of touch with reality some mega celebrities are? She has not only demeaned the poor woman who has to hold the cup, Mariah has disgraced herself. Watching a grown woman being helped to drink by another grown person, when she is not incapacitated... is not a pretty picture.

By last Saturday however, it appeared that 'Careycorp' had got wind of the photo's publication. They had apparently put a 'STOP' order on the pic. So in order to placate Careycorp & so that the photographer does not lose his/her job, the columnist published another photo of Mariah on 24th December. This time, it was something from the archives, showing Mariah posing prettily next to a homeless man she saw on the streets. It's supposed to be a better picture - as Mariah would see it - but not really. She and the broken man don't touch, and the prima donna just used the guy as a good photo opportunity... to show how fabulous she looks next to a wretched creature... what's the charity in that?

Mariah Carey is supposed to have made an amazing comeback from the brink this year but I'm unimpressed. I stopped being a fan a long time ago.


Blogger Renegade Eye said...

Great post. If you relisten to her early music, and relook at her old glamorous pictures, she probably always was overrated.

I posted in one of my first posts on my blog, about Paris Hilton gets paid about $100,000, to make a short appearance, at a party.


6:09 am, December 30, 2005  
Blogger Renegade Eye said...

I stole your story. I gave you a strong credit for the story.

7:17 am, December 30, 2005  

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