Friday, February 17, 2006

going telugu with crispin oduobuk

Here's the cartoon version of a short-short story by Crispin Oduobuk - as translated into the Indian language, Telugu. Originally titled The Great Bell in English, the story has become Rakshasa Ganta in Telugu. It appears in this month's edition of Vipula, a Telugu monthly. The translator is Lakshmi Latha.

Don't be surprised if one day you read that Crispin Oduobuk's work 'has been translated into 30 languages of the world'. Already, The Great Bell alone has been translated into Spanish, Portuegese and Dutch. Oduobuk also has a real knack for short-short stories - and is a dab hand at longer pieces also. A writer to watch.


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పంచదారకన్న పనసతొనలకన్న ఈ తెలుగు మిన్నa

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