Saturday, March 18, 2006

ehikhamenor & oduobuk on million writers' list

Who Will Bury The Dead? by Victor Ehikhamenor - Wasafiri vol. 21, March 2006.

Two Nigerians are on the Million Writers Award longlist of the best online stories of 2005. Among four named judges of the award is Sefi Atta. The list will be wittled down to 10 stories on April 1 and then the public vote for the top places will begin.

Visual artist & writer Victor Ehikhamenor is on the list with his short story, Passport to Heaven.

Crispin Oduobuk is also in the running with Petrovesky and Polarbywall.

*You can read another story by Oduobuk, Maiduguri Road - in the current issue of Gowanus.

* There is a link to Ehikhamenor's humourous take on the 78th Academy Awards in the post below. His artworks and photography can be viewed online. He also has a story, Who Will Bury The Dead? which can be read in full in the new edition of Wasafiri.


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