Saturday, March 11, 2006

night @ the ashmolean 1

Invoke the thunder; Akeh & Azuonye perform Christopher Okigbo's Elegy for the Slit Drum

Slam Poetry; Lee recites Melody

Writer Austyn Njoku, visiting from Lagos, was in the audience - as was writer/academic/columnist Ike Okonta who was shortlisted for last year's Caine Prize.

Sharing a joke afterwards; L-R: Azuonye, Akeh, Okonta & Njoku


Blogger afrofunkycool said...

Chuma nwokolo jr is my friend and also an inspiration. We were introduced by my Father in 1983 when he(chuma) was doing his youth service working for Legal Aid in Jos and i was just about to start my Law degree. He gave me my first book by hemminway to read. I believe it was "for whom the bell tolls". His Nigerian debut "The Extortionist" was published by Macmillan as one of the pacesetter series.
Ah memories...........
Wish i was there!

Btw i wrongly spelt my new blog name. Omo Obokun it is. Our roots start in Ilesha in South western Nigeria and so far end up in Sudan/kenya/uganda.

12:24 pm, March 12, 2006  

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