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hiv/aids anthology


Tentative Title:
Fingernails Across a Chalkboard: A Literary and Artistic View of HIV/AIDS Affecting People of Color

An international multi-cultural anthology of literary criticism, critical essays, poetry, fiction, visual art, literary nonfiction and creative writings on HIV/AIDS.

Edited by Randall Horton and Michael Hunter

Scheduled to be released to coincide with the 16th annual Gwendolyn Brooks Conference in October (2006).

Deadline for submissions: May 15, 2006

While there have been great strides implemented in the treatment and social awareness (both nationally and internationally) of HIV/AIDS, the critical dialogue needed to eradicate this disease seems to have dissipated into the background. This anthology seeks to jettison this life-threatening issue into the consciousness of not only America, but also the world. The editors are seeking creative writing in the genres of poetry, fiction, literary nonfiction, memoir writing and journaling that explore the intersection of the human condition with HIV/AIDS. We are particularly interested in a vast array of literary criticism that provides social commentary and theoretical and pedagogical models that assist in understanding HIV/AIDS past and present. In literary criticism we seek essential discourse that will provide a rooted understanding in the culture surrounded by HIV/AIDS. We also are interested in interviews with people impacted by HIV/AIDS.

We invite submissions that address (but need not be limited to) the following issues:

•What are some of the stereotypes of associated with HIV/AIDS as well as the truth about its origins?
•What is the relationship between cultures on the treatment and prevention of HIV/AIDS? How can this disease be better treated globally? What are the concerns In America?
•We are looking for an update on the crisis of HIV/AIDS versus its beginnings and origins.
•We want to explore male/male, heterosexual as well as transgender issues. Also, couples choosing to live with one partner affected with HIV/AIDS.
•What are the emotional and social ramifications of children born to positive parents?
•Are the statistics in the 21st Century reflective of a commitment by world leaders to effectively treat this disease?
•How is HIV/AIDS affecting heterosexual women? How are women fighting back?
•What is the relationship of HIV/AIDS to the economic landscape of its surrounding community? •Has Intravenous contraction of HIV/AIDS curtailed sense the introduction the disease?
• Is HIV/AIDS a Black Disease? Who owns HIV/AIDS


Submissions should be sent by email attachment to:

We will accept hard copies, especially from overseas submissions if that is easier. We would especially like for visual artwork submissions to be sent in hard copy with a back up electronically if your works is accepted. Mail to the following address:

Gwendolyn Brooks Center
HIV/AIDS Submissions
C/O Randall Horton
Chicago State University
9501 S. King Drive
LIB 210A
Chicago, IL 60628-1598

•We welcome submissions by people of all ethnic groups to comment on HIV/AIDS effecting people of color. •Scholarly essays should be no less than 5000 words, and should not exceed 8000 words. The length of other submissions may vary. We encourage authors to make the writing style of their submissions accessible to as wide a readership as possible, without sacrificing scholarly intellect.
•Poetry submissions are limited to five poems maximum. We will accept re-prints of some poems. Please note if poems have been published elsewhere in cover letter.

Fiction submissions should total no more than ten pages.

*Accepted Contributors will be paid with Two Copies of the anthology. If there are any questions please email the editors at


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