Sunday, June 04, 2006

i believe i can fly

Yesterday's paper was full of sweaty footballers, some with striking good looks, some with spotty skin - all overpaid. Not to be outdone, the Weekend Magazine pullout of The Guardian published many many lush images of well oiled and buffed footballers they probably wanted the women to drool at. It became a bit much for me, quite frankly.

But they are forgiven, because they provided an antidote with this photograph of pure genius. It's Michael Jordan 'flying' to slam dunking glory in 1988.

If you wonder why Jordan is great, click on the image and let your jaw go - just like the good folks watching him Fly.


Blogger Nkem said...

I actually quite enjoyed the pictures. They didn't look so made up, but had an air of vulnerability about them. Except David Beckham, whose hair remained upstanding despite it being after a game. Brylcreem deserve an award.

2:22 pm, June 05, 2006  

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