Sunday, March 26, 2006

tapfuma gutsa's renje sandanga

The Miracle of Moses (2002) by Tapfuma Gutsa

Tapfuma Gutsa’s work, both as artist and workshop leader, has transformed art practice in Zimbabwe and beyond. In this, his first solo UK exhibition, he explores the physical and metaphorical possibilities of a range of natural materials, from granite and oak, to horn, egg shell, bone and clay.

The above is part of the October Gallery's introduction to the Renje Sandanga ('vast dessert'), Tapfuma Gutsa's first solo exhibition in the UK.

My piece on Tapfuma Gutsa is published today (please note that this link is only active for 7 days).

Renje Sandanga, an exhibition of sculpture by Tapfuma Gutsa is at: the October Gallery, 24 Old Gloucester Street, London, WC1n 3AL. It opened on 2nd March and displays until the 1st of April. So those in the UK, should go see.

Tapfuma Gutsa in the Salon Afrique, Royal Festival Hall, March 8, 2005


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